Monday, August 22, 2011

Pardon our Dust

I've been doing the whole private/public blog debate for quite a while, since like most things there are definitely good and bad with each. Then recently a friend of mine introduced me to the idea of...drum roll please....doing BOTH.

So here's how it works: For the benefit of you, the reader, this url will continue to stay public, and a brief (I know, miracle if I can pull THAT one off, right?) summary/intro of my posts will appear here. Thus keeping the benefits of a public blog (should anyone actually have the desire to follow me by rss or blog-roll or whatever, it will still update, etc.).

Included in that post will also be a link taking you to my private blog which you can find here. Keeping unknown readers (particularly the creepy ones) from reading things I don't want them reading.

If you're interested in accessing the rambling versions of my posts, please let me know what address you want me to add, if you know no other way to contact me (or are just lazy), just leave a comment here. (Comments are moderated, I won't publish your address).

In conjunction with this move, I'll be making changes to this blog as well. Presently, most the archives have already been moved. But there will be more changes to come.

For those joining the new site, keep it mind, it is also still under construction. It may be a bit rough around the edges for a bit.

Thanks everyone for your patience as I transition.

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