Tuesday, December 18, 2012


My semester is done so I can finally get around to publishing some of the posts I've started over the last few months such as:


Kody Helaman Dearinger was born 10/01 at 11:22, weighing 7 lbs 7oz, measuring 19 1/2", and looking a whole lot like his sister did as a newborn, only in miniature. If you want to see/hear more about him, check out the private post HERE

If you want to hear about all the miracles that surrounded/accompanied his birth, the "obligatory" birth story post is HERE

I had actually written my annual (ok bi-annual, tri-annual...) Christmas in July letter, but never got it sent out and never got the pic to go with it. (In addition to July fun and chaos we had a lot of sickness that month). But HERE's the text and now there might possibly be a Dec letter too.  (Jan. maybe?)

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